CGC Climate Change Videos

Between the latter half of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, I edited a series of videos on climate change for Cambridge Global Conversations. It was an inspiring project, since I believe this is an important subject to discuss and improve upon in order for us to create a better future for our planet.

The videos were created from hours of footage, with around a dozen people interviewed at a climate ethics event held in Cambridge. While long and full of transcriptions, notes and structuring, the process was very satisfying, resulting in 3 main 5 minute videos, as well as 10 short 1 to 2 minute clips for social media.

Climate Ethics 5 minute video

The other two 5 minute videos can be watched here:

Levers of Change: https://vimeo.com/380349952

Climate and The Economy: https://vimeo.com/367036627

The social media clips were slowly released on the Cambridge Global Conversation Twitter page, gaining over tens of thousands of views over time.

It was a pleasure to edit this series. I feel I put a lot of extra work into editing them in order to make the videos attention-grabbing, engaging and interesting. Climate change is such an important subject in today’s society and these conversations need to be shared with the world in order for us to create a better future!

(Videos produced at DragonLight Films)

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